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Charity Giving Back Page

For 2015 Point 925 Jewellery is supporting Sheffield Young Carers charity.

This is a charity that is very close to Emma's (owner and creator of Point 925 Jewellery) heart. As a young child her mother was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of Multiple Sclerosis. This meant a lot of responsibility as she had to help as a carer to her mum.

Emma says "growing up was difficult, there was the worry of my mums illness, and the fact we couldn't do normal childhood things together. Also was the emotional side of having to help care for someone who I still really needed to be looking after me. Nobody ever discussed how I was feeling, and there certainly wasn't the support of a charity such as Sheffield Young Carers". 

"Therefore this year, I want to support this great charity which provides so much valuable support to the Young Carers of Sheffield. There are many more carers needing their help and support, and I want to help raise money to enable this to be done".

Point 925 has designed and made three silver and cord friendship bracelets - with all profits (£5 per bracelet) going directly to the charity.

The colours selected have been chosen because of the colour psychology linked to each :- 

BLUE - the colour of trust, honesty, loyalty and responsibility. The colour reduces stress - creating a sense of calmness, relaxation and order.

ORANGE - the colour of optimism. Brings a positive outlook to life and keeps us motivated and looking on the bright side of life.

PINK - the colour of compassion, nurture and love - inspiring warmth and comfort. It calms and reassures our emotional energies, a colour of hope. 

So please support Sheffield Young Carers and Point 925 and raise lots of money!

There will be exciting collaborations coming later on in the year, so watch this space and like us on Facebook to be kept up to date.

A Bit Of Info                     

Sheffield Young Carers (SYC) is a registered charity set up in 1997. SYC supports children and young people aged 8-21 who live in Sheffield and care for someone in their family who has an illness, a disability, mental ill health and/or substance misuse issues.

In any one year, SYC supports up to 200 young carers across Sheffield. They provide one-to-one and group support, resilience-building activities and respite breaks, to help young carers manage their caring roles and improve their health, wellbeing and educational experiences and achievement.



To find out more please visit, watch one of their films, or follow @SheffYoungC on Twitter.